Publications + Working Papers

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A non-exhaustive collection of research papers that have been supported and sponsored by the Xlab. Some topics/departments include business, economics, law/political science, environmental studies, transportation studies, electrical engineering and computer science.


Figueroa, C., Deliu, N., et al Daily Motivational Text Messages to Promote Physical Activity in University Students: Results From a Microrandomized Trial

Gelgoot, E. Sources of Perceived Online Social Support: Adaptation of the Online Social Support Scale

Mueller, M., Intergenerational Transmission of Education: Internalized Aspirations versus Parent Pressure

Ryan, W., Baum, S., et al People Behave as if they Anticipate Regret Conditional on Experiencing a Bad Outcome

Woojin, K. Giving social pressure


Berkouwer, S., Dean, J. Credit and attention in the adoption of profitable energy efficient technologies in Kenya

Moon, A., Gan, M., Critcher, C. R. The overblown implications effect.

Ryan, W. Blaming Humans vs. Algorithms

Stone, R., Stremitzer, A. Promises, Reliance, and Psychological Lock-in

Tarduno, M. What drives support for inefficient corrective policies? Evidence from a Nevada ballot initiative

Yildirim, U. When Bad News Is Good News:A Study on Inequality, Opportunity, and Preferences for Redistribution

Yildirim, U., Feehan, D. Inequality and Fairness: A Networked Experiment

Yildirim, U. Disparate Impact Pandemic Framing Decreases Public Concern For Health Consequences


Auffhammer, M., Pickmans, R., et al. Destructive Behavior, Judgement, and Economic Decision-making under Thermal Stress

Chatman, J., Greer, L., Sherman, E., Doerr, B. Blurred Lines: How the Collectivism Norm Operates Through Perceived Group Diversity to Boost or Harm Group Performance in Himalayan Mountain Climbing

Eckstein, M., Starr, A., Bunge, S. How the inference of hierarchical rules unfold over time

Perfecto, H., Donnelly, K., Critcher, C. R. Volume estimation as simulated judgment.

Donnelly, K. Time Periods Feel Longer When They Span More Category Boundaries: Evidence From the Lab and the Field



Critcher, C. R., Lee, C. J. Feeling is believing: Inspiration encourages belief in God.

Jin, Y. Does Level-k Behavior Imply Level-k Thinking?

Jung, M. H., Critcher, C. R. How encouraging niceness can incentivize nastiness: An unintended consequence of advertising reform.

Kobayashi, K., Hsu, M., Common Neural Code for Reward and Information Value

Tungodden, J. Preferences for Competition: Children Versus Parents

Scott, A., Trust, Society, and Information: An Experiment

Stancato, D., Keltner, D., Chen, S. The Gap Between Us: Income Inequality Reduces Face-to-Face Social Capital

Yu, Q. “I Almost Fell in Love with a Machine”: Speaking with Computers Affects Self-disclosure


Eckstein, M. K., Wunderlich, K., Collins, A. GE. Increasing model-based decision strategies in humans

Jenkins, A.C., Hsu, M. Dissociable contributions of imagination and willpower to the malleability of human patience.

Merrill, N., Cheshire, C. Trust Your Heart: Assessing Cooperation and Trust with Biosignals in Computer-Mediated Interactions

Mobasseri, S., Strivastava, S., Carney, D. Seeing Social Structure: Assessing the Accuracy of Interpersonal Judgments about Social Networks

O'Donnell, M., Evers, E. Elicitation-Based Preference Reversals in Consumer Goods

O'Reilly III, C., Doerr, B., Chatman, J. “See You in Court”: How CEO narcissism increases firms' vulnerability to lawsuits

Panger, G. T. Emotion in Social Media

Prims, J., Moore, D. Overconfidence over the lifespan

Tang, D., Sengupta, R., A New Method for the Direct Measurement of Parking Incentive Response Curve

Schatz, D., Moore, D. Overprecision Increases Subsequent Surprise

Robbins, B., Kamm, A., Karell, D., Siegenthaler, S. Does Foreign Aid Harm Local Institutions? External Subsidies, Giving Behavior, and Social Norms in a Lab Experiment


Merril, N., Cheshire, C. Habits of the Heart(rate): Social Interpretation of Biosignals in Two Interaction Contexts

Portnoff, R., Lee, L., Egelman, s., Mishra, P., Leung, D., Wagner, D. Somebody's Watching Me?: Assessing the Effectiveness of Webcam Indicator Lights

Starling, S., Cheshire, C. Information Seeking and Evaluation of Online Sexual Health Resources among Late Adolescents

Tang, D., Ziheng, L., Sengupta, R., A Casual Analysis of FlexPass: Incentives for Reducing Parking Demand


Andrade, E., Odean, T., and Lin, S. Bubbling with Excitement: An Experiment

Ashton, L. (Working Paper) Hunger Games: Does Hunger Affect Time Preferences?

Augenblick, N., Niederle, M., Sprenger, C. Working Over Time: Dynamic Inconsistency in Real Effort Tasks

Augenblick, N., Rabin, M. An Experiment on Time Preference and Misprediction in Unpleasant Tasks

Critcher, C. R., Dunning, D. Self-affirmations provide a broader perspective on self-threat.

Critcher, C. R., Dunning, D., Rom, S. Causal trait theories: A new form of person knowledge that explains egocentric pattern projection.

Dal Bo, E., Dal Bo, P., Eyster, E. The Demand for Bad Policy when Voters Underappreciate Equilibrium Effects

Goncalo, J., Chatman, J., Duguid, M., and Kennedy, J. Creativity from Constraint? How the Political Correctness Norm Influences Creativity in Mixed-sex Work Groups

Portnoff, R., Lee, L., Egelman, S., Mishra, P., Leung, D., &Wagner, D. Somebody's Watching Me? Affectiveness of Webcam Indicator Lights

Saez, I., Zhu, L., Set, E., Kayser, A., Hsu, M. Dopamine Modulates Egalitarian Behavior in Humans

Stone, R., Stremitzer, A. (Working Paper) Promises, Reliance, and Psychological Lock-in


Chatman, J., Caldwell, D., O’Reilly, C., Doerr, B. Parsing organizational culture: How the norm for adaptability influences the relationship between culture consensus and financial performance in high-technology firms

Dal Bo, E., Dal Bo, P. "Do the Right Thing:" The Effects of Moral Suasion on Cooperation

O’Reilly III, C., Caldwell, D., Chatman, J., Doerr, B. The Promise and Problems of Organizational Cu

Set, E., Saez, I., Zhu, L., Houser, D. E., Myung, N., Zhong, S., Ebstein, R. P., Chew, S. H., Hsu, M. Dissociable contribution of prefrontal and striatal dopaminergic genes to learning in economic games

ten Brinke, L., Stimson, D., Carney, D. R. Some Evidence for Unconscious Lie Detection

Thompson, C., Johnson, M., Egelman, S., Wagern, D., & King, J. When It's Better to Ask Forgiveness than Get Permission: Attribution Mechanisn for Smartphone Resources

Zhu, L., Jenkins, A. C., Set, E., Scabini, D., Knight, R. T., Chiu, P. H., King-Casas, B., Hsu, M. Damage to dorsolateral prefrontal cortex affects tradeoffs between honesty and self-interest


Egelman, S. My Profile is My Password, Verify Me! The Privacy/Convenience Tradeoff of Facebook Connect

O’Reilly III, C., Doerr, B., Caldwell, D., Chatman, J. Narcissistic CEOs and executive compensation

Toledo, C. Do Environmental Messages Work on the Poor? Experimental Evidence from Brazilian Favelas


Galoob, S. & Li, S. Are Legal Ethics Ethical? An Empirical Study

Hayashi, A., Nakamura, B., & Gamage, D. Experimental Evidence of Tax Salience and the Labor-Leisure Decision: Anchoring, Tax Aversion, or Complexity?

Lee, CJ., Andrade, E., & Palmer, S. How Emotions Influence Color Preference

Zhu, L., Walsh, D., Hsu, M. Neuroeconomic measures of social decision-making across the lifespan


Carpenter, J., Kariv, S., & Schotter, A. Network Architecture, Cooperation and Punishment in Public Good Experiments

Lazear, E.P., Malmendier, U., & Weber, R.A. Sorting in Experiments with Application to Social Preferences

Lee, CJ. & Andrade, E. Fear, Social Projections, and Financial Decision Making

Zhu, L., Mathewson, K. E., Hsu, M. Dissociable neural representations of reinforcement and belief prediction errors underlie strategic learning


Barradale, N. J. Social Status and Intertemporal Preferences

Gaker, D., Zheng, Y., & Walker, J. Experimental Economics in Transportation: Focus on Social Influences and Provision of Information


Andrade, E. & Iyer, G. Planned and Actual Betting in Sequential Gambles

Andrade, E. & Ho, T. Gaming Emotions


Butler, J.V. (Working Paper) Inequality and Relative Ability Beliefs

Butler, J.V. (Working Paper) Trust, Truth, Status and Identity: An Experimental Inquiry


Andrade, E. & Cohen, J. On the Consumption of Negative Feelings

Andrade, E. & Ho, T. How is the Boss's Mood Today? I Want a Raise

Andrade, E. & Iyer, G. Dynamic Inconsistencies in Gambling and the Role of Feelings

Jakiela, P. How Fair Shares Compare: Experimental Evidence from Two Cultures

Morgan, J. & Kogan, S. Securities Auctions Under Moral Hazard: An Experiemental Study

Zetland, D.: Fighting at the Spigot: The Story of a Failing Public Water Cooperative


Fishman, P. & Pope, D.G. Punishment Induced Deterrence: Evidence from the Video Rental Market (An Empirical Study)

Jamison, J., Karlan, D., & Schecter, L. To Deceive or Not To Deceive: The Effect of Deception on Behavior in Future Laboratory Experiments

Kariv, S. Substantive and Procedural Rationality in Decisions under Uncertainty


Andrade, E. Behavioral Consequences of Affect

Dhamija, R, Tygar, J.D., & Hearst, M. Why Phishing Works

Fisman, R., Kariv, S. & Markovits, D. Distinguishing Social Preferences from Preferences for Altruism

Jamison, J. & Karlan, D. When Curiosity Kills the Profits: an Experimental Examination

Kariv, S., Fisman, R. & Markovits, D. Individual Preferences for Giving

Mellers, B. & Haselhuhn, M. Emotions and Cooperation in Economic Games

Morgan, B. & Blinder, A. Are Two Heads Better Than One? Monetary Policy by Committee


Ho, T. & Weigelt, K. Trust Among Strangers

Ho, T. & Zhang, J. Does Format of Pricing Contract Matter?