Experimental Social Science Laboratory

at University of California Berkeley

Welcome to Xlab!

The Xlab is short for the Experimental Social Science Laboratory.
Xlab conducts behavioral and social decision-making experiments. All UC Berkeley students and staff are eligible to participate in Xlab studies and receive compensation that averages $20 an hour.

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  • Xlab is open for in-person studies! Researchers can also continue to remote and/or virtual studies via Zoom if preferred.
  • The Xlab is located in Thomas J. Long Business Library, Room S260. For a campus map and directions for future in person studies, please visit our Connect page.
  • The Xlab/Behavioral Lab SONA website is now also home to the Psychology Department Paid studies.
  • All are invited to the Xlab Mini Conference on April 29, 2024 at the Wells Fargo Room (Chiet Hall, Haas School of Business)
  • Participants:

  • Please be aware that different labs operate under different rules, policies and procedures. Please refer to their websites to be informed and take careful note of the location when signing up for experiments: Behavioral Lab website, Psychology website.
  • Come talk to the Xlab team at one of our recruiting events! See where we'll be.
  • Researchers:

  • ATTENTION: New category for exempt review. To see if you qualify, please read more information here.

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