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    Xlab is merging Sona websites with the Haas Behavioral Laboratory (!

    Here is what to expect.

  • New URL
    For a while after the merge on May 25, 2015, if you go to the old Xlab SONA website, you will be redirected to the new website. However, this will not last, so don't forget to bookmark the new page!
  • Username & password
    Your username and password will remain the same.
  • New pre-screen
    The first time you log into the new Berkeley-SONA site, you will be asked to complete a new pre-screen questionnaire that asks you for some basic demographic information.
  • Studies Available
    After the merge, you will be invited to studies not just at the Xlab but also at the Behavioral Lab. Please note the location when signing up for experiments.

  • More Announcements:

  • ATTENTION RESEARCHERS: New category for exempt review. To see if you qualify, please read more information here.
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