Sona-Systems Tips

Approval Requests: To expedite your approval, please make sure you have Cal Students/Staff Paid Studies selected as the course restriction. In addition, in your approval request please state whether or not your study has deception.

Deception studies: Studies that include deception should include a note in the Private Comments, such as "This study Involves deception."

Check Study Configuration: If you get an email from a participant asking why they cannot participate/sign up/see your study on Sona, you can use their user ID to use the "Check Study Configuration" fuction. This will tell you why they are not eligible to sign up. To do this, go to your study’s information page and at the top left select “Check Study Configuration” from the Study Menu.

Location: Include your location when you create your timeslots. Also, please emphasize the location in the description of your study. This way, it will minimize students’ confusion on where to go.

Set participant restrictions: Select View/Modify Restrictions on the Study Information page. There you may choose which questions you would like to restrict upon according to how participants answer their Prescreen Survey when creating an account.