X-Flash #21

November 21, 2013


Grants:  Xlab is expanding its policy of making small grants available to faculty and graduate student researchers.  Xlab grants cover the costs of paying subjects who participate in Xlab experiments.  Berkeley investigators from all fields −especially those new to experimental work−are encouraged to apply for these grants.  See the Xlab website at Grants for UCB Researchers

Xmobile is here!  The Xm team is currently seeking beta-test ideas for version 1.0 of XMobile. If you have a human subjects experiment in mind that leverages mobile computing, contact the Xm team at xmobile01betatest@xmobile.berkeley.edu. We will use your input to assemble the right set of hardware, software, and support services. Our aim is to handle the mobile technology for the researcher.  For more information and examples of projects that have used Xmobile, go to the Xm website.

Seminar on “Behavior Measurement and Change:  Theory, Experiments, and Platforms”.  Xlab is pleased to be a co-sponsor of an exciting new seminar, organized by Professors Shachar Kariv (Economics and Haas), Raja Sengupta (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Joan Walker (Global, and Metropolitan Studies and CEE), and John Canny (Computer Science).  The objective of this one-unit seminar course is to bring together a group of like-minded graduate students and faculty to share research in the domains of behavior measurement and change.  The seminar currently meets Tuesday at 4:10-5:30.  The organizers plan to continue in the Spring.  For details, see

Xlab hours between semesters.  The lab will be closed from December 20 through January 12. The period between January 12 and the resumption of classes is a good time for testing experiment designs/programs.  It is also possible to run Xlab experiments???a few subjects are still around and some investigators find this an ideal time to run experiments as we relax the maximum-use restrictions until classes resume.

Portable Xlab (Xp):  Xlab has a supply of serviceable, laptop computers.  We are now offering to lend these laptops in small batches to investigators who want to conduct experiments outside the Xlab.  Contact our SysAdmin, Rowilma Balza del Castillo (Rowie) for details on the Xp option.

Support Xlab!  Donations to Xlab are used entirely for grants to researchers, 80% of which go to graduate students, 20% to junior faculty.  Please use the Give To Cal website at  https://givetocal.berkeley.edu/egiving/index.cfm?Fund=FU1011000

Comments? Send suggestions or comments to faculty director Shachar Kariv or manager Bob Barde.