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Experiment Types Available

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In-lab Experiments

Majority of experiments are conducted at the Xlab facility (S460 Haas School of Business). Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled experiment to sign-in and be assigned a seat/station.

External Experiments

These are experiments that are conducted outside the Xlab facility. External experiments can be online, through mobile phones, and in-person; this will be stated in the invitation for participation.

  • Online Experiments:
    Participants will take online experiments remotely from a personal computer (without coming into the Xlab).
    UPDATE Fall 2013: Automatic Credit Granting through Sona-Systems makes online Qualtrics studies much easier. Download step-by-step Directions in Word doc.
  • Xmobile Experiments:
    Android These are experiments that may be completed directly from the participants' mobile phone. Xmobile experiments may require the installation of applications and in-lab participation. Participants must have smart phones that are capable of certain applications (e.g. Android, iPhone). Participants will be paid virtually.
  • External In-person Experiments (experienced researchers)
    Participants will meet with the researcher at other facilities on the UC Berkeley campus. The venue will be stated on the invitation for participation. Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled experiment to sign in and be assigned a seat/station. The experiments may involve the use of paper, a computer, or other equipment required to collect data.

Xp: Portable Xlab

XPMake your lab anywhere on campus!

Xlab has a stock of 30+ laptops that are not needed in the lab. These machines were purchased in 2009 and are still suitable for running many types of experiments and surveys. The Xlab is making these laptops available to the research community at UC Berkeley as part of its "Portable Xlab" program (Xp).

Xp makes its laptops available to researchers under the following conditions:

  1. Researchers are responsible for all machines loaned to them, and agree to return all computers by agreed upon date.
  2. Laptops come with no warranty of reliability or performance. The machines are tested by Xlab prior to check-out and are in good working order but these are not new machines, and they are loaned without charge.
  3. Xp Computers come "as is, self-service." Xlab staff can NOT provide any assistance in installing, testing, or debugging software on these computers.
  4. When Xp laptops are returned, Xlab staff will wipe the machines clean to make them ready for the next user.
  5. The number of computers that can be checked out by a researcher, and the length of time that they can be kept out, is at the discretion of the Xlab staff. The default limit is six computers for six weeks.

Technical questions about Xp can be addressed to Rowilma del Castillo at

Questions about Xp policy should be addressed to Miho Tanaka at