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Grants for UCB Researchers

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Xlab Grants make financial support available to UC Berkeley graduate students engaged in dissertation research and to UC Berkeley post-doc and junior faculty who are interested in conducting experiments as part of their research program.

Investigators can receive one Xlab grant with a possible follow-up grant. This is an initial grant of up to $1,000 and a possible follow-up grant up to an additional $1,000. Decisions are made by the Director of the Xlab. Please do not request $2,000 up front.

The grant must be used within 3 months for experiments conducted in the Xlab and for payment to Xlab subjects only.

Grants are made possible by virtue of Xlab's dynamic collaboration with the Dean of the Haas School of Business, the Dean of Social Sciences, and Vice Chancellor for research. We are grateful to those who have demonstrated such concrete support for the Xlab.


-Must be UC Berkeley investigator
(graduate students, post-doc, or junior faculty)
-must not have received an Xlab grant in the past
-must use the UC Berkeley Xlab subject pool

Major Steps for Phase 1 and 2

  1. Complete the Xlab Grant Application Form, a 5 page report (see Phase 1 instructions below), and an letter from your Faculty Advisor.
  2. Send to Xlab Administrator. E-mail:
  3. Xlab Faculty Director grants the award.
  4. Conduct experiments in the Xlab with Xlab subjects.
  5. If no follow-up grant is required, send Xlab Administrator the results (e.g. working/published papers).
  6. For Phase 2 Follow-Up Grant:

  7. Provide a summary report of the findings from the initial experiment (See Phase 2 instructions below).
  8. If approved, an additional $1,000 may be granted.
  9. Conduct experiments in the Xlab with Xlab subjects.
  10. Send Xlab Administrator the results (e.g. working/published papers).

Phase 1 Application Instructions for $1,000 Initial Grant:

  • Complete the Xlab Grant Application Form
  • Write a report (5 pages total) covering the:
    1. Purpose and background of the study
    2. Related literature
    3. Experimental design and procedures
    4. Research question(s)
    5. Proposed analysis
    6. References
    7. Budget
  • Graduate students only:
    include a letter of support (Please address to the Xlab Faculty Director) from your Faculty Advisor --1 page or less, indicating whether he/she supports your request as essential and whether he/she feels you have adequately explored other possible funding sources.
  • Complete application package must be submitted by YOUR ADVISOR electronically to:

Miho Tanaka, Xlab Administrator
Experimental Social Science Lab (Xlab)
S460 Haas School of Business, MC1900

Phase 2 Application Instructions for $1,000 Follow-Up Grant:

Provide a summary report of the findings of the initial experiment. Summary report should include:

  1. A description of the experiment
  2. Experimental design
  3. The statistical data analysis, including number of participants/sessions
  4. Preliminary data results from the Xlab experiments
  5. The report should be approximately 1-1.5 pages long