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Step 3b:
The Day of the Experiment

Here's what you should know each time you come into the Xlab (S460 Haas) or take an online experiment/survey.

In-lab: What do I need to bring? Cal ID

Your Cal ID! It must be physically present and legible, or we hold the right to refuse you entrance into the lab and the show-up fee.

In-lab: What else do you recommend I do to increase my chances of successfully taking the experiment (& getting paid)?

  • Be early! We recommend coming 10 minutes before the start time of the experiment to secure a spot inside the lab. We do not run by "Berkeley time." Experiments usually start EXACTLY at the start time stated (if you are even one minute late, you DO NOT qualify for a show-up fee).
  • Stay in line. We start checking subjects in at the bench closest to the lab (across from the restrooms). Anyone sitting/standing before the benches will be asked to go to the back of the line.
  • Sit at the computer assigned specifically to you during check-in.
  • Once at your station, follow the researcher's instructions to the best of your ability and pay attention to the study.
  • Stay seated until the end of the experiment, even if you finish earlier than others, to recieve payment (unless paid by electronic gift code). We will not hold or mail your check, so you must pick it up at the end of the experiment!

Remote-Online Experiment/Survey: Recommendations & Tips

  • Always read our emails carefully since instructions for online experiments vary. If you miss an important instruction, you risk NOT getting paid.
  • Most of the time, you will have to identify yourself in the survey with your SONA Identity Code. You can find this 5-digit ID code if you log in to your account ( and click "My Profile." It will be under your name as the "Identity Code."
  • Payment will be sent electronically via email (you can check which email under "My Profile" in Sona-Systems).

Go to Step 3c for Payment or skip to Step 3d to find out how to CANCEL your experiment to avoid receiving a no-show!