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Step 2:
Register for the Xlab Subject Pool

Benefits of Participating

  • Earn money - Fundraise for your club/org/cause/etc. or for personal money
  • Participate in Berkeley's world famous research
  • Learn about experiments and the experimental methods
  • Flexible and convenient — you choose a time that is best for you
  • Located on campus in the Haas School of Business
  • No experience necessary — you just need a valid UC Berkeley ID card

What to Expect at Xlab Experiments computer

Generally, subjects participate in experiments that may involve decision-making tasks, surveys, interviews, and group activities in a computerized environment that enable the experimenter to record all of the responses made by the subjects.

Research topics vary from a wide range of social science and related disciplines. More online surveys and even mobile phone experiments are in development now.

How to Register

You must register, or create an account with the Xlab Sona-Systems (a.k.a. "SONA"), a website for you and the Xlab Administration to keep track of your participation. Tips for a successful registration include the following:

  • Register with your legal name (your checks will be printed accordingly). Do not use any special symbols/characters (i.e. parentheses, apostrophes, quotes) except for a hyphen.
  • You must have a valid, physical Cal ID. (UCB Staff: Enter Employee ID number instead of Student ID number)
  • Please use your valid Berkeley email address. You will receive important information from us via email.
  • Select only one "course" (your intended major); selecting multiple courses will decrease your chances of being invited.
  • Complete the short online questionnaire (Pre-screen survey) after you register. Answering each question may increase your chances of eligibility for experiments.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a random password. Log in to your new Xlab Sona account to change your password.

Once you are registered in the subject pool, you will receive periodic emails informing you about upcoming experiments.

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