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Step 3c:
Payment for Participation

Our Guarantees

  • Show-Up Fee: If you have signed up for an experiment, completed Part 1 (only applies to two-part online/in-lab experiments), and are on time (by our clock) to an experiment, but the room is filled to maximum capacity (because we over-recruit), you will receive a five dollar "show-up fee."
  • Average Payment: We make sure to have a total group average of $15 per hour* of experimental participation per session. Individual payments may vary depending on the experiment (some people may be paid over $15, some under $15). Your earnings may depend on your decisions, the decisions of other participants, and sometimes also on chance. Your own earnings are confidential and will not be disclosed to other participants.

How do I receive my dues?

  • ChecksMost experiments are paid by check directly after the experiment (Please make sure your name in SONA matches with your name registered for your bank account).
    • Did you know? Anyone (i.e. international and out-of-state students or if you don't have a bank account, etc.) can cash their check with a teller in any Bank of America. Just bring them the check and a photo ID!
  • amazon There are also experiments that may be paid virtually by an gift code or through another reliable virtual money transfer.
  • You might have a combination of these as well or a combination of check and a good (e.g. coffee mugs)
  • Tip: Read each experiment's study information on Sona-Systems carefully for payment type.


  • *Participants are not being paid by the hour. This is simply a general rule for researchers (who fund the experiments) so participants have some idea of what to expect.
  • We will not mail or hold your check after an experiment. Your check will be voided if you do not claim it directly after the experiment (unless the experiment information states otherwise).

The final (but most important) step: Step 3d - Canceling an Experiment.