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Welcome, UC Berkeley
Student and Staff Participants!

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Why Join the Xlab?

  • Earn money - Fundraise for your club/org/cause/etc. or for personal money
  • Participate in Berkeley's world famous research
  • Flexible and convenient — you choose a time that is best for you
  • No experience necessary — you just need a valid UC Berkeley ID card

What to Expect at Xlab Experiments computer

Generally, subjects participate in experiments that may involve decision-making tasks, surveys, interviews, and group activities in a computerized environment that enable the experimenter to record all of the responses made by the subjects.

Research topics vary from a wide range of social science and related disciplines. More online surveys and even mobile phone experiments are in development now.

News and Announcements

  • 5/8/14 - Citibank virtual Visa will no longer be supported. We recommend emptying your debit account ASAP into an Amazon/other gift card to avoid future difficulties. Xlab will not be able to help with forgotten Citibank login information.
  • 5/7/14 - Graduating Seniors! Transfer to the Alumni pool to continue participating. You will receive occasional emails for online and smartphone experiments only.

Tips to Help You Do Science & Get Paid

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