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Publications and Working PapersPublications

A non-exhaustive collection of research papers that have been supported and sponsored by the XLab. Some topics/departments include business, economics, law/political science, environmental studies, transportation studies, electrical engineering and computer science.


Egelman, S. My Profile is My Password, Verify Me! The Privacy/Convenience Tradeoff of Facebook Connect

Toledo, C. (Working Paper) Do Environmental Messages Work on the Poor? Experimental Evidence from Brazilian Favelas


Galoob, S. & Li, S. Are Legal Ethics Ethical? An Empirical Study

Hayashi, A., Nakamura, B., & Gamage, D. Experimental Evidence of Tax Salience and the Labor-Leisure Decision: Anchoring, Tax Aversion, or Complexity?

Hernandez, P. (Working Paper) On the Origins of Leadership Through Communication: The Role of Context and Social Preferences

Hernandez, P., Minor, D., & Sisak, D. (Working Paper) Social Preferences or Collusion? Experimental Evidence

Lee, CJ., Andrade, E., & Palmer, S. How Emotions Influence Color Preference


Carpenter, J., Kariv, S., & Schotter, A. Network Architecture, Cooperation and Punishment in Public Good Experiments

Lazear, E.P., Malmendier, U., & Weber, R.A. Sorting in Experiments with Application to Social Preferences

Lee, CJ. & Andrade, E. Fear, Social Projections, and Financial Decision Making


Barradale, N. J. Social Status and Intertemporal Preferences

Gaker, D., Zheng, Y., & Walker, J. Experimental Economics in Transportation: Focus on Social Influences and Provision of Information


Andrade, E. & Iyer, G. Planned and Actual Betting in Sequential Gambles

Andrade, E. & Ho, T. Gaming Emotions


Butler, J.V. (Working Paper) Inequality and Relative Ability Beliefs

Butler, J.V. (Working Paper) Trust, Truth, Status and Identity: An Experimental Inquiry


Andrade, E. & Cohen, J. On the Consumption of Negative Feelings

Andrade, E. & Ho, T. How is the Boss's Mood Today? I Want a Raise

Andrade, E. & Iyer, G. Dynamic Inconsistencies in Gambling and the Role of Feelings

Jakiela, P. How Fair Shares Compare: Experimental Evidence from Two Cultures

Morgan, J. & Kogan, S. Securities Auctions Under Moral Hazard: An Experiemental Study

Nguyen, D. & Canny, J. MultiView: Improving Trust in Group Video Conferencing Through Spatial Faithfulness

Zetland, D.: Fighting at the Spigot: The Story of a Failing Public Water Cooperative


Fishman, P. & Pope, D.G. Punishment Induced Deterrence: Evidence from the Video Rental Market (An Empirical Study)

Jamison, J., Karlan, D., & Schecter, L. To Deceive or Not To Deceive: The Effect of Deception on Behavior in Future Laboratory Experiments

Kariv, S. Substantive and Procedural Rationality in Decisions under Uncertainty


Andrade, E. Behavioral Consequences of Affect

Dhamija, R, Tygar, J.D., & Hearst, M. Why Phishing Works

Fisman, R., Kariv, S. & Markovits, D. Distinguishing Social Preferences from Preferences for Altruism

Jamison, J. & Karlan, D. When Curiosity Kills the Profits: an Experimental Examination

Kariv, S., Fisman, R. & Markovits, D. Individual Preferences for Giving

Mellers, B. & Haselhuhn, M. Emotions and Cooperation in Economic Games

Morgan, B. & Blinder, A. Are Two Heads Better Than One? Monetary Policy by Committee


Ho, T. & Weigelt, K. Trust Among Strangers

Ho, T. & Zhang, J. Does Format of Pricing Contract Matter?