X-Flash #8 Oct 05

More Powerful Subject Management

Xlab has acquired a new subject-management system.  Sona Systems is a more flexible, powerful tool for subject recruitment and screening.  Among the many new features that researchers will be able to take advantage of are:

  • Collection of questionnaire data from Subjects:  This can be done pre-experiment, or anytime over the Web.  Responses can be used to qualify or disqualify potential subjects from future experiments.
  • The ability to assign positive and negative credits for participation and experiment no-shows, respectively.
  • The ability to block or allow experiment sign-ups according to a subject’s participation history.
  • Pre-screening of subjects by demographic characteristics. 

For questions on all the capabilities of the Xlab’s subject management system, contact SysAdmin Lawrence Sweet sweet@haas.berkeley.edu

Getting Started with Experiments in the Xlab

If you are new to Xlab-type experiments (economic experiments and others), we have four resources to help you:

1.  Advice (free-really!) from Xlab’s Research Director, Dr. Julian Jamison <Jamison@haas>

2.  Expertise (for hire) from experienced graduate students; ask Dr. Jamison for referrals

3.  Start-up Funding: see the Xlab Grants section on our webpage

****  4.  A Nov. 16th workshop in the Xlab, by the Xlab, about the Xlab and conducting experiments.  Lunch included.  To sign-up, email Xlab Manager Bob Barde barde@haas.berkeley.edu  ****

For more information, check out the Xlab web site at xlab.berkeley.edu or contact us