X-Flash #6 July 05

New Leadership

Effective July 1, Prof. Terry Odean assumed the role of Xlab Director, succeeding Prof. Teck Ho. During his year as Director, Prof. Ho oversaw the expansion of the Xlab subject pool (now nearly 2,000 students and 200 staff) and the acceleration of the Xlab to full speed. During this past year, the Xlab ran 234 experimental research sessions, involving 28 unique projects. An additional 58 sessions were devoted to experiments run in conjunction with courses. A total of 2,655 subjects participated in Xlab experiments. All of us associated with the Xlab are deeply appreciative of the energy and thoughtfulness that Prof. Ho brought to the lab. Thank you!

Field Experiments

The Xlab is experimenting with new, highly portable devices. Our goal is to enable investigators to conduct field experiments anywhere in the world. Research Director Julian Jamison is testing the equipment this summer, and we hope to report on it in early fall. For an overview of field experiments, see the recent JEL article by Harrison and List

Expert Referral List

If you need help getting from the “experimental idea” stage to the actual experiment stage in your research, the Xlab has a referral list of experienced students who can be hired by investigators. Send an email to our Research Director, Dr. Julian Jamison Jamison@haas.berkeley.edu —he can help you assess your needs, and put you in contact with our “student experts.” You then deal directly with the students.

Research Grants from the Xlab

are available to graduate students AND faculty for subject payments and research assistance. Details are at Xlab Grants for Researchers

Applications are accepted at any time.

For more information, check out the Xlab web site at xlab.berkeley.edu or contact us