X-Flash #13

July, 10, 2008


Introducing Shachar Kariv, New Xlab Director

Prof. Shachar Kariv, from the Department of Economics, is the new Director of the Xlab, taking over on July 1 from Prof. Barbara Mellers.  Prof. Kariv is an experienced, dedicated experimenter who has been associated with the Xlab since its inception.  He brings to the job a tremendous amount of energy and sense of mission.  Welcome, Shachar!

The Xlab owes a special debt of gratitude to Prof. Mellers for serving for two years as Director.  Among the numerous innovations she introduced was the PRO Survey, where several investigators could gang-up their small surveys into one, cost-efficient one administered by the lab.  Thank you, Barb!

On-line Surveys

In an initiative begun by Prof. Mellers and continuing with the enthusiastic support of Prof. Kariv, the Xlab is developing the capability of conducting on-line surveys (using Qualtrics) where participants/responders can be paid even while taking the survey at a remote location.  We have been testing the various components of this facility, and expect to make it available to the research community in a month or two.  This survey fits within the Xlab’s modified Master Protocol, meaning that investigators will get quick turnaround for CPHS approval.

User Fees at the Xlab?

We have been wrestling with the notion of charging user fees for the Xlab.  While we have never charged fees for using the lab, it may be necessary to do so in future.  For the meantime, however, the “free lunch” is still available.

Comments? Send constructive comments to Shachar Kariv <kariv@econ > or Brenda Naputi <naputi@haas>

For more information, check out the Xlab web site at xlab.berkeley.edu