X-Flash #10 Mar 06

Xlab News

Plan Ahead--Schedule your experiments SOON

If past experience is any guide, activity in the Xlab reaches a crescendo toward the end of the Spring semester.  Our resources—lab space and staff—are considerable, yet finite.  As we approach capacity, experimenters will want to plan ahead in scheduling experiments.  This means getting your protocol approved by the Xlab and CPHS far enough in advanced that you can schedule time in the lab—and not get crowded out at semester’s end.  View the Xlab’s experiment sign-up calendar.

Obtaining Human Subjects Approval

The Xlab’s Master Protocol facilitates experimenters’ gaining approval from the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects.  The Master Protocol was recently revised and renewed.  Under it, applications to CPHS for Xlab experiments are first submitted to and reviewed by the Xlab Director, then forwarded to CPHS.  The latter process, from receipt to approval, now takes a mere 3-5 business days.   

More Info on Xlab Services to Experimenters

The Xlab offers many services to potential investigators, including (but not limited to): subject recruitment/payment, a variety of hardware and software needs, and expedited human subjects approval for certain types of studies. These services are not necessarily all-or-nothing, so even if you know that your research may not qualify for the expedited review, don't let that stop you from asking about using our subject pool and experimental space, or vice-versa. We're open to the idea of all sorts of combinations!

Questions?  Try the Xlab’s FAQ

For more information, check out the Xlab web site at xlab.berkeley.edu or contact us