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Hours of Operation


Regular Hours for Experiments

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Extended/Evening Hours (self-service for researchers)

This self-service option is for experiments where:

  • onsite technology support is not required.
  • all computer operations and subject payments (both show-up and participation fees) are handled by researcher
  • researchers and research assistants have been pre-approved by Xlab staff
  • approved CPHS protocol must allow for collection of personal information such as names and Cal IDs on payment receipts.

Approval of Schedule Requests will depend on the following:
  • Successful testing of your final program on the Xlab computers.
  • The dates requested have met the scheduling requirements and are not in conflict.

Researchers who are interested in using the Xlab during Extended/ evening hours should contact Rowilma del Castillo: