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Welcome, UCB Researchers!

Part I: XLab Presentation for Prospective Researchers

Follow along with the Part 1 Introductory Presentation slides (pdf)

Part II: Experiment Design by John Morgan

Follow along with the video: Part 2 slides on Experiment Design (pdf)

News & Announcements for Researchers:

  • 4/3/15 — New category for exempt review. To see if you qualify, please read more information here.
  • 8/5/14 — New policy update! Fees for service now outlined in Administrative Services page.
  • 5/8/14 — Citibank prepaid Visa debit account is getting replaced as a virtual variable payment option. Stay tuned for an alternative virtual variable payment option.
  • 2/19/14 — Watch the Xlab's co-founder, Professor John Morgan, give an eloquent introduction about the Xlab (Part I) or give some examples and advice on how to run successful experiments (Part II) on the Xlab's Vimeo account. Feel free to share!

A Few Benefits of Conducting Experiments at the Xlab:

  • Administrative and technology support from Xlab staff
  • Access to a pool of over 5,000 registered subjects consisting of UCB students, staff, and alumni
  • Grants are available for subject payments
  • Dedicated and experienced staff
  • See a full list of benefits and the details under Benefits of Xlab

Simplicity of the Xlab

"It really is incredible how well-oiled of a machine this is. Any little thing that says like, 'oh, you to tell them ten days in advance,' is because they [Xlab staff] are going to recruit 36 subjects and those 36 subjects will be sitting lined up outside [the lab] waiting to come in and they will come, assemble into their little rows, the experiment will start and bam, in 40 minutes you will magically have 36 data points. Then they get paid and leave. I really can't say enough how incredible this system is. "
        — Professor Dana Carney (3/7/14)

Eligibility of ResearchersCal

Registered graduate students, faculty, and official visiting scholars or postdocs in the University of California, Berkeley.

How to Begin

  • New Researchers: Researchers who have not worked with the Xlab before, please follow the links for New Researchers and read instructions thoroughly.
  • Returning Researchers: "Seasoned" Xlab researchers may click on the appropriate page for instructions on how to schedule your next experiment.