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Returning Researchers with Experiment Changes


If you are a researcher, looking to use the Xlab again and are making changes to your experiment (i.e. change in protocol: experiment design change, adding more collaborators/RAs, increasing number of total subjects), then please follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Xlab Administrator, Miho Tanaka at to schedule a meeting to decide whether or not the Xlab can support the changes made to the experiment.
  2. Have new protocol reviewed by the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects. (See CPHS Amendment Modification directions).
  3. Researchers email the following to the Xlab Administrator:
    • CPHS Approval Protocol with all attachments
    • CPHS Approval Letter
    • Questionnaire
    • Consent Form
  4. Submit an Experiment Request Form.
  5. Researchers are ready to complete the Schedule Request Form.
  6. If applicable, review Guide to In-Lab Experiments to make sure you are prepared beforehand the day of your experiment.