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Steps to Prepare for Xlab Experiments

Adobe PDF version

STEP 1: Read Benefits of Xlab.

STEP 2: Researcher submits the Experiment Request Form.

STEP 3: Meet with Xlab staff to verify that Xlab can provide what you need.

STEP 4: CPHS requires most new researchers to complete Human Subjects Training and save the certificate of completion as a PDF document. This document is attached to your eProtocol Application to CPHS. To complete this training go to UCB CPHS and look for the Online Training under For Researchers: Education & Training.

STEP 5: New researchers preparing applications/protocols for the Committee of the Protection of Human Services (CPHS) for Xlab seeking guidance on the use of eProtocol may contact Latara Harris (510)643-0384. Latara and her colleagues at Research Enterprise (RES) Compliance Department can provide protocol writing assistance.

STEP 6: (FOR COMPUTER EXPERIMENTS ONLY) Schedule a testing of your complete software program in a mock experiment. Contact Rowilma del Castillo to schedule a test. Program testing can be done prior to the receipt of CPHS approval. This test should take place at least 10 days prior to the actual experiment.

STEP 7: Please email your CPHS approval letter to (See Printing Instructions for the Approval Letter.)

STEP 8: Now, researchers are ready to schedule and conduct experiments! Please review Guidelines to In-Lab Experiment. To schedule an experiment, complete and submit a Schedule Request Form.