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Steps to Prepare for Xlab Experiments

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STEP 1: Read Benefits of Xlab.

STEP 2: Researcher submits the Experiment Request Form.

STEP 3: Meet with Xlab staff to verify that Xlab can provide what you need.

STEP 4: CPHS requires most new researchers to complete Human Subjects Training and save the certificate of completion as a PDF document. This document is attached to your eProtocol Application to CPHS. To complete this training go to UCB CPHS and look for the Online Training under For Researchers: Education & Training.

STEP 5: New researchers preparing applications/protocols for the Committee of the Protection of Human Services (CPHS) for Xlab seeking guidance on the use of eProtocol may contact Latara Harris (510)643-0384. Latara and her colleagues at Research Enterprise (RES) Compliance Department can provide protocol writing assistance. You might consider adding Miho Tanaka to your CPHS application under Other Contact and getting her to look over your application before you submit it to make sure the lab can provide services consistent with the experiment you are planning to run.

STEP 6: (FOR COMPUTER EXPERIMENTS ONLY) Schedule a testing of your complete software program in a mock experiment. Contact Rowilma del Castillo to schedule a test. Program testing can be done prior to the receipt of CPHS approval. This test should take place at least 10 days prior to the actual experiment.

STEP 7: Please email your CPHS approval letter to Miho Tanaka (See Printing Instructions for the Approval Letter.)

STEP 8: Now, researchers are ready to schedule and conduct experiments! Please review Guidelines to In-Lab Experiment. To schedule an experiment, complete and submit a Schedule Request Form.

If you researchers have any questions regarding this process, contact:
Miho Tanaka, Xlab Administrator
(510) 642-8780