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Technology Support Services

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The Xlab offers technology consultation throughout the entire research cycle. Assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Session design, including both software selection and implementation of details.
  • Program testing, refinement, and--time allowing--software debugging.


A PC facility, comprised of 36 systems, with a high reliability private wired network. A researcher is free to ask for a setup of any number of stations from 20 <= N <= 36.

System Specs: Toshiba Tecra R850, Intel Core i5-2520M Processor with vPro Technology, 320GB Hard Drive (7200RPM) 15.6 inch LED Backlit HD, Integrated webcam with single digital microphone, optical mouse, and Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.

A master laptop is also configured as a server.


Xlab has compiled a listing of programmers that may be available for hire. Some of these programmers have experience coding applications that have successfully run in the Xlab.

Software Available:

Using Your Own Software:

If you want to use your own software, here's what you need to know:

Preparation Timeframe: Although it may be possible to obtain CPHS approval quickly, it requires systems administrator time to prepare the hardware and software for deployment. We require a minimum of two weeks advance preparation time for scheduled experiments. Please submit your program executables and documentation to the Xlab Technology Support Manager well in advance of any lab session. We will pretest your software in expectation of future experiments even though you have not formally scheduled sessions with us. However, please do not submit beta software. We will only work with production releases.

Installation Instructions: You will be required to provide clear and comprehensive installation documentation in addition to executables (compiled binaries only; Xlab will not accept software that requires compiling source code.) We ask that you provide us with a technical description of the files you provide for installation, their relationships and dependencies, installed file size, sample of what the collected data file looks like, and data file pathname on the server. Xlab will install and test your software, and may decline to accept your experiment if the software does not install or run properly.

References: Any technical report(s), URLs, or other resources that we could look at as background material would be appreciated.

Open source: If you are willing to donate your software and documentation to the Xlab's open source library, we ask that you let us know.

Computer-based Experiment Testing

The complete software program to be utilized on the experiment MUST be tested in the lab laptops BEFORE a schedule request will be approved. There are no exceptions to this procedure for first time researchers. The testing is not dependent on the CPHS approval. Hence, testing can be scheduled even while the experiment's CPHS application is still pending. This test must take place at least 10 business days before the actual experiment.

To discuss specific technology services the Xlab can offer,
researchers are encouraged to contact:

Rowilma del Castillo, Xlab Technology Support Manager or call (510) 642-4159.