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Exempt Protocol Review

Human Subjects Announcement for Haas Investigators

As you know, all research involving human subjects must receive prior approval from Berkeley’s Institutional Review Board (here known as the Office/Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects).   
Recently, the Behavioral Lab at Haas obtained authorization to conduct in-house review for some research protocols. Haas investigators are now invited to avail themselves of that service.  Two people, Silva Kurtisa <> and Suzanne Stone <>, have both been trained in the regulations and procedures and can help advise you.  Silva is the director of the Behavioral Laboratory and her office is in F522 Haas.  Silva has created this useful web page with information about the procedures.  Suzanne has extensive experience on institutional review boards and works for Haas on a contract basis. 

If your research falls into the technical category known as “exempt” then either Silva or Suzanne, acting as Haas Local Exempt Reviewer (the HaasLER), is authorized to review your application and (if appropriate) approve it.   Exempt protocols have simpler application requirements and once they are approved, they are approved forever and do not require renewal.   Usually researchers will consult with Silva for guidance on how to formulate their applications and then Suzanne reviews the formal application.  You can expect a decision from her within a matter of days, and it helps if you consult with Silva or Suzanne before you submit it.

If you are starting a new research project, look into whether it might qualify as exempt before you apply for CPHS approval.  A conversation with Silva might be a good place to start.