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Administrative Services

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New! Fee for Service

Beginning January 1, 2015, the Xlab will begin issuing actual invoices against investigator-provided chartstrings.

This fee may be waived for UC Berkeley investigators.

Each unique Xlab experiment would be charged $1,000 PLUS the following:

  • $750 per session/set-up
  • $5 per subject to be recruited or paid

Thus, an experiment involving 10 sessions and 290 subjects (the 3-year average for both) would be charged $1,000 + (10 x $750) + (290 x $5) = $1,000 + $7,500 + $1,450 = $9,950

Subject Recruitment Services

Xlab has a 5000+ and expanding human subject pool. This consists of students, staff and alumni at the University of California, Berkeley, who show interest in participating in experiments. The Xlab will recruit participants for Xlab studies. A prescreening survey, the Xlab encourages participants to take, gathers information collected for subject filtering purposes only.

The Xlab can filter participants based on the following:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • English Proficiency (Native English speaker)
  • Expected year of graduation

*Researchers, please be aware that the Xlab does not have consent from subjects to release this information to researchers. The researchers who wish to collect such information should obtain appropriate permission from CPHS.*

Persons already in the subject pool will be solicited for specific experiments through e-mails sent by the Xlab administrator. Reminder e-mails are sent one day before the experiments.

Some experiments have special subject selection requirements. (pairs, multiples, demographical balance) The request must be submitted along with Experiment Schedule Form.

Xlab Grants for UCB Researchers

Xlab Grants are available for UCB graduate students conducting research for their dissertations and for postdoctoral and junior faculty conducting research for their research programs. There is an initial grant for $1,000 then a follow-up grant for an additional $1,000. Grants are made possible by virtue of Xlab's dynamic collaboration with the Dean of the Haas School of Business, the Dean of Social Sciences, and Vice Chancellor for research.

If you are interested in applying for an Xlab Grant, then please review Xlab Researcher Grants for more information.

Subject Check-in Services

Xlab administrative staff will start to check-in participants about 10 minutes before the experiment. Subjects will be seated and ready to start the experiment by the experiment start time. Requests for special check-in procedures (e.g. seating arrangement) must be submitted to the Xlab Administrator through the Experiment Request Form. A last minute request may delay the experiment

Subject Payment Services

Researchers are required to provide participation fees and incentives in the experiment. Please provide funding information to Xlab Administrator along with Experiment Request Form to avoid delay in conducting experiment due to financial issues.

UCB managed funds: Xlab Administrator can arrange the fund transfer in advance with your financial manager.

Non-UCB Managed funds: An advance deposit against Xlab issued Quote is required.

Xlab Grants: Grants to cover the subject payment cost are available for graduate students engaged in dissertation research and to post-doc and junior faculty who are interested in conducting experiments as part of their research program.

Xlab Administration can process the subject payments by check, Electronic Gift Code (via email). Amazon gift codes must be flat fee.

The Xlab Staff never handle cash. Researchers who wish to pay in cash should obtain appropriate permission from CPHS and Business Services.

A Summary of the Scheduling Process from a Researcher's Point of View

"This place is like magic. You [the researcher] tell them [Xlab Staff] in advance that you want to run a session, you schedule it, you come a few days early to make sure your [experiment] works out, and in that interim (that 10 days), they recruit, and it's like magic — they recruit all the subjects, you show up, the subjects are magically here, you run your experiment, and then they [Xlab Staff] pay [the participants]. You literally don't have to do a thing. It's kind of magic is really the only word that comes to mind."
        — Professor Dana Carney (3/7/14)

Any questions, comments, or concerns?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Xlab Administrator, Miho Tanaka, at or call (510) 642-8780