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Types of Experiments Available


In-lab Experiments

The majority of Xlab experiemnts are conducted in the Xlab facility: Hearst Gymnasium, Suite 2. Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled experiment to sign-in and be assigned a seat/station.

External Experiments

Experiments could be conducted outside the Xlab facility via internet or mobile phones, and in-person; this will be stated in the invitation for participation.

  • Online Experiments:
    Participants will take online experiments remotely from a personal computer (without coming into the Xlab).
  • Xmobile Experiments:Android
    These are experiments that may be completed directly from the participants' mobile phone. Xmobile experiments may require the installation of applications and in-lab participation. Participants must have smart phones that are capable of certain applications (e.g. Android, iPhone). Participants will receive a payment by email through Citibank Virtual Visa.
  • External In-person Experiments (experienced researchers)
    Participants will meet with the researcher at other facilities on the UC Berkeley campus. Participation payments will be issued by the researcher. The venue will be stated on the invitation for participation. Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled experiment to sign in and be assigned a seat/station. The experiments may involve the use of paper, a computer, or other equipment required to collect data.

XP: Portable Xlab

Researchers: Make your lab anywhere on campus! Borrow our Dell (2009) laptops under a few conditions: Read more under Benefits of Xlab > Experiment Options.